SUPREME BEINGS!

Chapter Eleven

(requested by Samantha Armer)
If you would like your very own laminated
(she'll help you find
those difficult parking spaces anywhere!)
for your car, for a mere $5.00, email me here
and I will tell you where to send the money!
(she is small enough to hang on your mirror!)
parking luck


Testosterone Man

Redwood  - by Michael Pingaron

(after hearing one too many macho poems at an
open mike night at St. Marks' Church)

My cock is as big and as tall as a redwood

How big is yours?

Michael, I tried to find you to ask permission!
It is so appropriate


SPIRIT OF THE WARM FRONT                         words by Helena Miele


I swirl 
I move 
I dance though space....
in constant motion - 
ever spinning round and round -- 
flying in infinity



There are many gods of pleasure, 
but the third protects lovers, 
especially those who take risks to be with their beloved. 
The flower of their passion is fiery and organic, 
their bird represents heights soared 
and distances crossed in pursuit of union.



Three Generations of Magicians
What magic do you desire?

Feel in front
of one painting
her hands will
meet yours.


The Magik that I am!


The magik of Intuition


The magic of unyielding appreciation


The Magic of ability - the ability to show others the magic that they possess 
in their own body, soul, and mind, and how for them to discover it.
- a fan

(words from the book at the Morgan's Goddess show at Microcosm)


Transfer of Power

Power Transferred
or Transmitted
is not power lost

- June Michaels


I  feel it coming
Now if only I could just 
allow it to happen..


Live passionately in this
sea of infinite possibilities
co-create this perceivable
existence with love and depth


Trust Yourself


Be Aware of Everything! - M.B.

(words from the book at the Morgan's Goddess show at Microcosm)


POEM BY CASEY SCATHACH  -  mommy or 4, ER nurse,. pagan, poet, and witch!
Element of life--Water 

Moonlight reflections of jumbled, jeweled colors
Dancing and skipping
Towards you
Beckoning you to follow

You see her
Flowing silver hair
A hint of a smile
Skin glowing like pearls

Gliding gracefully upon the waves
Diving into the shadowy depths
Familiar but yet mysterious

She is the eternal mother
Life springs from her watery womb
The never empty cauldron

She is Stella Maris
Crowned by the stars
She is Yemaya
Mother to us all


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            SUPREME BEINGS!