Chapter Four


Going back is like a spiraling over the past,
adding to it with each retelling or remembering.
We all have homes spread throughout our lives and travels, 
places that nourish.
Here, a ritual return, when we are drained and empty, opens us up to receive, right in the gut, fuel.
It is necessary first to be empty,
to be used up and given away,
to have expanded and been blown apart,
then the returning and refueling are a rebuilding
close to our dreams and the wishes of the gods for us.




the god of safe sex

he speaks for himself



words by Helena Miele - Cosmic Dancer
(we met in a laundromat in the East Village at a 
Rob Brezsny (freewillastrology.com) reading.)

I hold Hermes to let him go 
to spread the messages to those below 
To take good messages from those above 
and bring them to earth 
saying all is love




   Jill Grabler as 

Commentary by LOREN POLANS

The Goddess Of Compassion hangs on our living room wall, near a window to catch the light of day.
She doesn't need it though; she glows with her own inner warmth. One day, some time ago, in a galaxy
much like our own, my dear friend Janet Morgan hosted a unique gathering.
It was a "Come as your favorite God or Goddess" Party.  It was further announced that anyone
dressing up as one of the deities would be able to pick a painting and take it home.
Janet had already generously given away several paintings to friends; I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
 (Truth be told, I would have dressed up as one anyway; I can't resist an opportunity to add strangeness
to the world).

I came as the God Of Death On The Queen Charlottes (see picture in that section; in fact, see ALL
the pictures, or we will mail out copies of the pictures that we have of you naked with barnyard animals).
I chose this deity to dress as, because the face reminded me of Japanese Kabuki make-up  (which I used
to do a lot in the past, especially when ingesting psychoactive substances).  I must admit, however, that
doing your face is much easier than covering your body in blue make-up.  (It's much more fun to have
someone else cover your body in blue make-up).

     Anyway,... getting back to the Goddess of Compassion (remember her?)..Many things appealed to
me about this painting.  I've always had a weakness for women with blue skin and white hair.  The stillness
of this particular vision is both haunting and serene.  The Goddess is standing in a forest at night, with a
light coming from behind the line of trees she stands before. The source of this light could be a huge moon;
it could be the earth glowing with the satisfaction of Her Presence upon it;  it could be the landing of an
alien spacecraft whose inhabitants are here to transform all Right-wing bigots into Silly & Surreal Pranksters
(my tribe).   Glowing from within the Goddess is a warm, yellow-red circle of healing & empowering
energy.  In her hands, surrounded by the green, life-affirming field of plant life, is an organic looking object
whose true nature I can only speculate about.  It feels to me that it's an aspect of the Earth itself.

     The unique subject matter of Janet's paintings brings the pantheon of deities into the contemporary realm.
Her renderings continue to delight and amaze me; the sheer volume of work represented in them astonishes
and inspires me.  The titles of their Aspects often make me laugh as they pluck a string of everyday life.
If you don't feel the same way, I have the phone number of a good  ophthalmologist.

  THE GODDESS OF CUTTING THROUGH   written by Stacey Ross

Slash me open 
Serenity  (the universe)  I

She carries the dead into the next world.
Her heads are fire, pain and rebirth,
and she is strong but full of mercy and can be gentle in her timing.
She serves as release, and brings an end to suffering,
destroying the vessel in order to turn our spirit into divine fuel. 




Almost all employ is an exercise in sadism and masochism, 
so to be aware of powers over and under ourselves makes the game easier. 
Service is a sacred masochism and even sexual prostitution can be in the sacred realm. 
But then again, some jobs are truly disgusting and some are made disgusting by the lack of respect paid by the bosses. As in all S & M, it is how we frame the submission or control that is important, and the framing must be consentual all around. Almost any act can be full of love and support, or full of cruelty and degradation. Be aware of your limits and your desires, she says, and wisdom will prevail.                                        




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