Chapter One

         "What is the goddess of Chi?"
      by Altynbek Sultanalievy of  Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


The goddess of  Chi is a system of energy distribution.
What is the system of energy distribution?
The system of energy distribution is an image of a woman in all colors
from purple to violet through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and
Why is it a woman?
Because the woman is the image of the vessel for the energy.
And what is the man?
The man is a tool to conduct the energy.
Then what is energy?
Energy is space.
Then, why is the woman is in the space and holding the Chi ball at the same time?
Because the space can be spread out and concentrated to a point.
So, space is energy?
And who are you?
I am a ball of space.
So am I. But why do you know what I don't, is that possible?
Because you do what I don't, so you know what I don't.
Where are you?
In the cyber space.
In the cyber energy?
Well, yes…
Can you send me a piece of energy?
I love you, my sweetheart, where have you been so long? I missed you so
OK, OK, OK… Some more?
I'll kill you, you s.o.b., where have you been so long? I hate you so
Wow, wow, wow… Is that space?
Yes, lots of space, hit on my keyboard… and pieces of energy: positive
and negative.
But the woman looks nice and positive, and pleasant, and all.
Really? Sometimes she doesn't. Depends on your state of mood.
But she gives energy.
Yes! She gives and never takes back, the Goddess of Chi… the space
traveling in time… with no return. In some way, like water in the
Now, I would wonder, how the Goddess of River would look like...
Be Janet's guest! She would love to give you the image of the space, in
her own river (gallery) of goddesses!"


The primordial powers pull us toward each other.
When both male and female are in full force
the meeting is on a cosmic level -
 - putting energy into the universe.

This is the kind of energy that propels
masterworks in the arts,
the sciences, in philosophy,
and in all our human actions.
Everything we add to human knowledge
is important,
and the clearer it is stated,
the more we are fully free to speak,
the more it will feed us all,
we who are hungry for beauty
and story and the richness of intricate thought.

                                                                 -   Morgan





For the DNA Goddess

by Luba Evans

Your restless sadhu says
I am yours forever
I want to see the things the way they are
I am the Tantric King without borders
You have slaughtered all my faith
...I am alone in the world, in hell, on earth, in heaven
You still have hope in me?
I'll drink the ocean – let it be!


the drinker of transformations
      by the wonderful Charlotte Kasl, whose wrote the book  IF THE BUDDHA DATED and many other wonderful books




  I live in an octagonal house.
  The Drinker of Transformations presides
  over a large two story high space at the
  center of the downstairs over a huge
  fireplace with a thick rough hewn mantle.
  She is peaceful, she is my friend.  I see her
  everyday when I come down from upstairs
  on the open staircase at the center of the house.
  She is calm and I never tire of her. I made an
  overhead from the slide of her and use it at
  the beginning of many of my workshops,
  just to have something beautiful on the screen
  as people walk in. She could be almost any
  ethnic background which makes her a possible
  kin to everyone who comes here for musical
  soirees and pot luck gatherings and to visit.



As dictated to her keeper
Sula Donnolo
trilingual storyteller and  humanist.

I WAS BORN by the MOON LIGHT. MY MASTER GAVE ME extraordinary  powers.


My keeper fought for me. She overcame obstacles,
and performed again after 15 years to get me.
She chose me from all the other goddesses in
the morgan heaven. She fought for me and she
won me.. After a long period of boredom ,
tight in a cramped space, I was further blinded,
choked  and transported to the faraway kingdom
of florida.

My keeper unwrapped , worshiped me and spent
the next few months looking for the perfect light
pattern in her new house, to properly pay homage
to me. I made her slave carrying me around and
refused most places suggested by her..
She finally found the proper spot.
Just above her head, behind the area where
she sits to eat and do a lot of her creative work. .

I strongly approved of the place.  From that vantage point, I preside.  My
keeper refers to me affectionately and most properly as her house goddess.
It pleases me to be appreciated and I reciprocate with kindness. I bathe my
keeper with rays of energy, health and love. I place my healing hands on
her shoulders when she sits under me. I protect her, soothe her wounds,
relax her tired body and give her the motivation to remain focused and work
happily to become the wonderful story teller that I know she is but the
world is yet to know.

My keeper asks for my approval. She introduces me to all her friends and
better than friends. She places them under my hands and waits for my
judgment. She takes pictures with a few deserving the honor. I tell her
frankly what I think of them. Many times she knows right away that the
pictures will be just a reference for posterity. I do manage to send
painful waves to the ones I do not like and soon enough they disappear and
we are again a happy family of three: I, the ENGENDERER, my keeper sula and
her beautiful and talented teenage daughter Lila.

My keeper prays under me every day and tells me what is in her heart  I
listen and most strongly express my opinion. My keeper is stubborn , she
does not always follow my advice  and many times she gets hurt.

I am compassionate. I do not scold her. I touch and hold her in my arms,
soon enough, she heals and I push her into the world again..

When my keeper worships me she also sends intense loving messages to my
master morgan with whom she is deeply connected. I am a little bit jealous, but
after all, my master created me and 150 others... She has to be a fantastic
goddess herself. I would call her the master goddess of creativity. I am
sure my keeper would approve of it.

presiding over such a talented and  complex  keeper, with an equally
talented and complex daughter, keeps me very busy, but I would not trade
places with any other goddess of the morgan heaven. I only would like a
family reunion every few years and the morgan address at the web seems to
be just the perfect place for it...
                                                                    The Engenderer


     By Gregory Frux

         (artist, mountaineer)

      Who will protect the animals?  Who will protect the planet?

I have worked in the environmental movement one way or another,
most of my adult life.
When we fight, it is mostly in the political arena, mustering rational
arguments—ecological facts, economic analysis, legal doctrine.
Yet behind it is our intuitive compassion for the earth.
As an artist, I understand that rational discourse is only one means
of communication. The smell of a pine forest after a rain, the taste
of sea air, the choking heat of a desert plane cannot be deeply
communicated by words alone.
They must be felt.

We intuitively love animals, the life forms closest and most familiar to us.
That love is a deep expression of our love for the world (a cat sits on my lap
as I write this). When we see a forest cut, a hillside open, a river despoiled,
we ask what happened to the animals? Sadly we know.

The God of Animal Languages is a protector God.  He is militant, armed with
righteous indignation. His companions, Wolf and Hawk are fierce hunters with
special attributes: far sight and speed; stealth, endurance and cooperation.
Behind the God's right shoulder the sun burns unnaturally.  Is the ozone layer failing?
Yet the God is clear eyed and confident, his face is open.   He stands near to naked,
with only shoulder straps and a loincloth, because he moves in harmony with the world.
He speaks for and to his companions, holding them as dear friends.
                                       As long as life survives he will fight for them and all the animals.
                                                            And in fighting for them, he fights for us.



All change is a little death, a shedding of skin,
some part of us dying forever.
The trophies of change can be hard-won,
and sometimes cannot be gazed upon
until time shields us from their stench.
                                                      - Morgan




To control the fire is not to kill it,
but to let passion thrive and be seen.
There is a beautiful tension in all creation
between letting go and forming,
the pushing and pulling of color
and sound and everything imaginable.
The gift of the artist, the gift of the master
of any skill, is this harnessing of powers,
be they elemental, emotional, spiritual,
physical, inward or outward
or both combined in a swirling dance.


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