Chapter Seven


a poem by Samuel Menashe


Inklings sans ink
Cling to the dry
Point of the pen
Whose stem I mouth
Not knowing when
The truth will out

Samuel gave me this poem at the Gotham Book Mart 
(where I worked most of the 80's) the evening of Phil Lyman's Memorial Service.
I dedicate this poem (which appeared in the March 1999 New Yorker Magazine) to the amazing
Phil Lyman, a gentleman and a scholar and a great inspiration to many a book lover and Joycean.


The Goddess of 
the Kelp Beds

   by Adeline Quinn

She is in the sea
She sees us all
Her strength protects us
Her beauty fills us
We , too are sea creatures
We thrive with her
She shares with us 
all of her bounty

The Goddess of the Kelp Beds

by Rosie of Illuminated Rose
written at the Goddess show at Microcosm

Forgive us for
forsaking our holy waters,
the lakes and oceans.
Healing & Love to all
waters everywhere.



Photograph by Louie Lou
The Goddess of the Support Group
by Louie Lou

To the Goddess of the Support Group,
i offer this image of my room 
with the yawning Buddha waking me up in the morning
and the Guan Yi (goddess of mercy) to remind me 
i am blessed for a fresh day 
and the lively plant to sustain me with vitality 
and the cherry blossom infuser that brings friendship and support.


created for and written by Grace Gibas
An 82 year old hospice drop-out and fighter for peace and justice!

     When I'm digging in the garden and come across an earth worm I rejoice.
These humble entities are so important in aerating the soil and releasing fertility.

    They surely are important enough to have their own goddess who is one of
the many faces of the early earth goddess who was worshipped when women began
planting seeds.  Then fertility was celebrated and women and men were in
partnership in worshipping creation and the divinity of all things, including,
I'm sure, earth worms.

Poem by Casey Scathach   --mommy of  4, ER nurse, pagan witch and poet

Element of Life-Fire

Hammering and forging
She consumes your soul
Lighting the fire
She takes control 

A fiery mistress she can be
She has her soft side too
Words of eloquence she inspires
Healing hands for those in need 

The passion burns within you
Take up the sword
The journey awaits you
Down the Red road 

She is Brigid
Keeper of the flame
Mistress of Justice
Calling your name


It has been so often happening that something important and/or magical is simply hid in your ash can. 
I mean that the apple which fell down on Newton's head was really a magic thing for him because you know 
that that simple thing caused him to invent the Law of Gravity.
But who is going to release those magic things influencing your life out of such like "containers"? 
Certainly you are!
Looking at the Goddess of Releasing Magic, you get your imagination up, 
and hence you are able to extract all you want from where you want. 
And this is not only symbolic because each and every art piece is created by 
releasing of this Magic Energy received from the Goddess who urges both 
an artist's and a spectator's imagination for the one to be capable of producing 
fruits of creativity and other to be capable of seeing more in art pieces and 
having a higher awareness of their surroundings.

If someone asked about who was the best
At releasing Magic and, thus
I could respond that She is the one
Who will certainly bring It to us.
She prepared more room in a kind of balloon
And let all come out from Mars.
Then the Magic is being (becoming) released
To enter our shivering hearts.

It so often happens that all you have is only some disconnected thoughts, ideas, 
and faded desires whirling, rolling and twisting in your mind.
She is the only one who can make them come out of there.
She is the only one who can put them in order for the future creative acts.
She is the only one who turns them into creative energy that allows you to be able to produce art pieces.
She is the only one who gives you this magic energy for the creative freedom needed.

                     -Sergei Tartykov, Artist, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 

Poem by Casey Scathach  --mommy of 4, ER nurse, pagan witch and poet.

You of strength and courage
strong will and grace
Lithe and sleek body
beautiful face

Fill me with powers
guide me with a firm hand
I am your warrior
I am taking a stand

Redeeming what I once lost
helping others to find their way
As we heal our inner selves
You are there, standing guard

Mysterious and mischievous
nurturing and sweet
Strong and valiant

I am your daughter
at your knee
Listening and learning
Breaking the chains
setting myself free

 The Tree of Worlds

by Samuel Jay Keyser, professor of philosophy & linguistics at MIT*

In the beginning all the worlds grew on trees like
         and the gods picked them as they pleased.
One day a god, her fingers as white as the Milky Way,
                        reached for the Earth,
           but a shining god reached out as well,
              and when their hands touched,
         the Earth slipped through their fingers.

My world has fallen through the sky,  said the first god.
          I'll never find it again.

      It was a puny world,  said the shining god.

               Then why did you reach for it?

                I didn't,  said the shining god,
                 I was reaching for this  instead.

           And he plucked a plump shiny world
        growing next to where the Earth had been
                      and handed it to her.
             She bit into it and forgot the Earth.

   And that is how the Earth came to rest near the sun
      and why, like uneaten fruit, we ripen and rot.


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